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College in Prison with Stacy Burnett

Without Bard Prison Initiative, Stacy Burnett says she would have “rotted in a prison cell.”

My guest today is Stacy Burnett, who got her college degree in her forties while she was in prison. Stacy was part of the groundbreaking program BPI, or Bard Prison Initiative, which was featured in the acclaimed documentary, College Behind Bars. The program enrolls hundreds of incarcerated students full-time in college programs. When these students graduate, they cross that stage with a real degree from Bard College in their hands.

In the episode, Stacy shares the life-altering impact of a higher education—and who’s worthy of it, the criminalization of mental health issues especially for women, and the grief of being a mother behind bars.

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Messages from Beyond with Denise Correll

She talks to dead people. At least, that’s part of it.

My guest today is my dear friend Denise Correll, a psychic medium who calls herself the Grateful Messenger. As I tease about Denise, she brings the normal to the paranormal: she’s fun and grounded and dead on (pun intended!) in her psychic messages and timely insights.

In this episode, we explore belonging + fear, dreamland, and this present moment of crisis and shift.

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