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Inspired skincare: where our insides meet the outside world

I imagine skin as this living, breathing hub, this place of exchange and connection, where what’s inside us meets the outside world and vice versa. . . . Life happens where our skin meets the world; change happens. Transformation happens. The truth is that our skin does not isolate us from the world: because it is permeable, it binds us to it. There is no life without this exchange.

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"Incarceration is the new cancer" - In Conversation with Melissa Bee

"If you act from powerlessness, then you see powerlessness. If you try to be one of the people helping, then what you get to see is other people helping. Then that's the world you live in." —Melissa Bee In this conversation, co-founder and She-EO of Adopt an Inmate, Melissa Bee, talks about transforming...

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