Warrioress Breast Oil



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A warrioress is a woman who is strong and rooted. 
She fights her battles with strength, courage, and wisdom.
She is not a woman of violence, but of peace. 
Her strengths include her compassion, her optimism, her integrity, and the way in which she is gentle and loving with herself. 
The Warrioress Breast Oil honors her sacred body and her sacred spirit. 

The Warrioress Breast Oil is for women who have endured battle wounds, but who are survivors. 

The oil uses organic, therapeutic oils and ancient wisdom about women’s bodies to allow us to tune into our bodies, our hands touching our wounds. When massaged into our breasts, it heals scar tissue, gently and with love. It reduces tenderness and pain. And it awakens our bodies, stimulating our lymphatic systems to recuperate after surgery or rid our bodies of toxins that accumulate in and near our breast tissue.

We envision this breast oil for survivors, but also for any woman who wants to know her body. For any woman who, by acquainting herself with her body, discovers the secrets to her own wellbeing. 

For women using the oil as part of a loving, general health routine, this oil is not meant for a monthly self breast exam that encourages fear or makes our bodies our enemies as we search for lumps. Instead, it is meant as a potent and healing massage oil, part of a loving and peaceful good-for-you ritual. 

Let the Warrioress Breast Oil anoint your body in the wisdom and strength of Mother Earth, who continues to endure and give life. 

Ingredients to Heal the Warrioress

Organic jojoba oil calms the warrioress’s body and bathes her in moisture. The oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and has potent antioxidants to protect the integrity of her cells. It glides on with the peace and ease of a meditation and absorbs quickly.

Organic rose geranium essential oil grants the warrioress a sense of subtle sensuality and love, radiating from her heart. It naturally balances her female energy, increases circulation to awaken and cleanse her body, and soothes tenderness. 

Organic lavender essential oil soothes the warrioress’s body and mind for a sense of peace, ease, and grace. It gently yet potently heals skin and scars. We do not wish to wipe away the warrioress’s wounds, but to ease her into letting go.

Organic juniper essential oil awakens her lymphatic system, detoxifying her body of what does not honor her. 

Organic blue chamomile essential oil calms her spirit, for she has endured much and has much yet to endure. It encourages her lymph to flow, detoxifying her body by waking it out of stagnancy.

 Organic frankincense essential oil imparts its ancient and sacred wisdom, relied upon by grandmothers and medicine women of lifetimes ago as a healing and medicinal oil. It contains boswellic acid, which supports the warrioress’s body in working against tumors.

Organic calendula oil calms her body’s inflammation and heals and soothes irritated skin that may have come from her radiation wounds.

Organic rosemary essential oil cleanses, encouraging her body to release the toxins that weigh on it and her spirit.

Organic immortelle essential oil imbues on her the fearlessness of immortality. With the rejuvenating wisdom mother nature bestowed upon it, immortelle heals scar tissue. It eases tension in her body’s tissues that may have arisen from surgery and stimulates and awakens her lymphatic system.

Organic sweet orange essential oil uplifts the warrioress’s spirit with an unmatched aroma that, once again, only nature could divine. It enhances her mood and encourages her lymph to flow, giving her peace, comfort, and hope.

Product size: 2 fl. oz

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