The Moon and Her Sisters



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In this luminous collection, Ashley Asti—writer, speaker, and the creator of a grassroots organic beauty and skincare movement—offers simple, poignant meditations on our planet and our place in it. Written a glorious, intimate poetry, this book is a creation of art that reads like no other rumination on the one earth that draws us together. In it, Ashley Asti shows her commitment to wellbeing, her passion for preserving the planet, her spirituality, and her belief that we are worth celebrating. A book of beauty in all its forms.

Sing the Praises:

(words of love from sacred readers)

“The beauty of earth and nature in this book is exquisite.”

“She describes the earth gloriously. Inspiring. Positive.”

“This book makes you feel like you should be as full as you can. Ashley calls me to take up space, to fill a room. When I read it, I want to be my best self.”

“A potent message that we raise each other. Her poetry reminds me that I don’t want to do this alone. If I’m going to rise, I want everyone to rise with me. We feed off each other.”

“Bravo! A celebration of nature’s beauty and the beauty in all of us. Joyful!”

“Of all the world’s people, the common denominator is the earth. No matter where you live, everyone experiences the earth. Ashley captures this effortlessly.”

Author: Ashley Asti

ISBN: 1980616868

Number Of Pages: 117

EAN: 9781980616863