Skin & Soul Sessions



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Our skin reflects not only what we put on it, but what we take in—our inner world. This includes our stress levels, our emotions, the words and thoughts we take in and the ones we choose to speak, our thoughts, the food we eat, our spiritual experience, and our self-acceptance.

I created Skin & Soul Sessions to offer you honoring self-care and soul-care recommendations to heal and care for your skin, including what we put on it and in it. 

Every session is personal and honoring, a phone conversation between me and you. It is unique and tailored to you. In any session, you may receive:


  • The best essential oils for your skin, including where to buy the oils and specific spot treatments you can apply at home
  • The best essential oils for healing your body and nourishing your soul, including the best oils to diffuse at home, during yoga or meditation, or to apply to your temples or wrists


  • Specific skin care practices and recommendations for healing and caring for your skin, which may include steams, clays, oils, skin brushes, etc. 
  • Specific product recommendations that best honor your skin, which may include my products or products created with love by others

*You receive 20% off all ASHLEY ASTI products for 7 days after your Skin & Soul Session, including Custom Oils.


  • I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and, if desired, will offer you recommendations on the best foods to eat for healing your skin and nourishing your soul. 


  • Mantras to empower you
  • Intuitive guidance and messages
  • Article or book recommendations to continue guiding you on your path


  • All Skin & Soul Sessions are conducted by phone.
  • In order to book a session, I ask that you complete the I Am Supported intake form, which offers me insight on what you’re seeking from this session.
  • After you submit your I Am Supported intake form and complete your order for a Skin & Soul Session, I will contact you by email to schedule a meeting day and time. 
  • All sessions are 45 minutes. 
  • After your session, you will receive a code to use at that offers you 20% off all ASHLEY ASTI products for 7 days after your session. 


The way 
to your spirit
is through your body.
from Dear Sisters: Your Nature is to Bloom