I Have Waited for You: Letters from Prison



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Details: In I Have Waited for You: Letters from Prison, the voices of individuals who are incarcerated weave together with author Ashley Asti’s to tell the moving testimonies of people behind bars.

But this is not a book about prison.

This is a book about human beings.

About connection, about seeing and being seen.

This is a book about change.

And, mostly, this is a book about love.

This book is not a statement against mass incarceration because it overtly addresses the injustice system, but because the human beings who happen to be incarcerated who speak within it are, in themselves—in their humanity—bold testimonies against it.

A powerful collection of stories, composed entirely in the form of letters, this book soars in its display of connection, compassion, mercy, and friendship.


"Heartbreaking, deeply moving, and strangely inspiring."

—Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, theologian, professor, and author of Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit

"This collection of letters defines the power of connection and friendship and the transformative power of being heard...Real, honest and accurate."

Marybeth Zeman, author of Tales of a Jailhouse Librarian: Challenging the Juvenile Justice System One Book at a Time


Author: Ashley Asti

ISBN: 1718122721

Number Of Pages: 277

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