I Am Pisces Roll-On



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I am Pisces.

Roll on this essential oil blend to envelop your body and senses in the energy of Pisces.

Pisces is a water sign and its qualities match the moving of the tides. Marking the end of the astrological year, Pisces are most ripe for change and transformation. Like the primordial sea that the gods drew upon to form the earth, Pisces are drawn to the process of creation, of creating something from nothing, order from chaos. They are creative and imaginative, often artists or dancers (whose grace matches the fluidity of this water sign). 

They tend to be idealistic, aspiring, and empathetic. They are able, wordlessly, to feel others, to feel the planet, and to feel humanity’s choices and may teeter between hopefulness and optimism and overwhelm. Their sensitivity and ability to fuse with the world and feel their surroundings may make it challenging for them to establish boundaries. Generous and selfless, Pisces are often self-sacrificing. 

Pisces is depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions—often idealistic and hopeful, Pisces may also find themselves feeling pessimistic or unmoved to act if their expectations are not met. We remind them to ignite the fire within them and know that their choices and actions make a difference. Do not disappear when sorrow or disappointment arise; lean into your power. 

Like the ocean waves, Pisces are often emotional and intensely romantic. While they are social and often helpful to others, they may crave solitude and privacy.

About the Oils 

Sandalwood is at the heart of this blend. Traditionally used as a funeral herb to carry a soul into the next life, sandalwood carries the capacity to support transition, transformation, and new beginnings. Sandalwood also brings Pisces into a deep state of spiritual relaxation, invoking ease, a calm mind, confidence, and freedom. When Pisces is feeling disappointed or unenthusiastic, sandalwood opens the heart and throat to set Pisces’s desires and self-expression free. 

Palmarosa, also in this blend, is an oil that encourages enthusiasm, energy, and loyalty to others and to actions—a reminder to Pisces to see their visions through. While Pisces are often helpful and compassionate, their generosity may sometimes go unnoticed, so palmarosa offers Pisces renewal and sweet scents when they’re feeling misunderstood, neglected, or defensive. In fact, while sensitive Pisces may be deeply affected when something meaningful to them doesn’t go their way, palmarosa offers resiliency: a common grass that grows along the roadside and in fields, palmarosa grasses are cut down often but regrow, often with more fierceness than before. This is a reminder that even when Pisces is feeling down and out, they have the power to rise, once again—this time, stronger.

Intensely romantic, Pisces is comforted by rose geranium in this blend, an oil of the physical and energetic heart that promotes balance and self-love. It is also an oil of exquisite beauty. 

With its blueish hue, blue chamomile in this blend matches Pisces' fluid quality, reflecting flowing oceans, ease, and peace. It also encourages Pisces to express their truth. 

Lastly, rosemary grounds this blend. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, meaning Pisces may sometimes be indecisive. Rosemary is a strong, direct oil of clarity, rooting Pisces in their own strength and power.

How it works

Essential oils are potent essences that carry the wisdom and magic of the earth. Not only do they heal and honor our skin; they change the frequency of our cells, bringing transformation to our thoughts, our emotions, and our mood. 

* * *

With each essential oil, we take our cue from myths and stories of the past and our senses, allowing the lores of how they were used, their color, their scent, and how they make us feel to help us conjure the intuitive energy and properties of each oil.

How to apply it:

Apply to:

  • your wrists
  • the soles and tops of your feet
  • your temples
  • your neck
  • the crown of your head
  • your abdomen
  • over your heart
  • behind your ears
  • your shoulders
  • or bring it to your nose and waft in its energy and aroma

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rosemary

Product Size: 10 ml