Yoga Props

Ashley’s Yoga Prop Recommendations

Yoga Blocks

I highly recommend 2 blocks for every yoga practitioner. 

Blocks allow you to deepen your poses, to feel supported, and to feel comfortable in poses that ordinarily seem just-out-of-reach. 

Blocks are also great for sitting on during seated mediation. Raising your hips by sitting on a block makes sitting on the floor with a straight spine far more comfortable and accessible.

My preferred blocks are cork blocks. You can purchase cheaper foam blocks, but depending on the brand, they may be too squishy and not strong enough to support your full body. 

*2 blocks are essential for restorative yoga classes*

I use:

JBM Yoga Blocks (2 pack plus yoga strap) 

*These are cork blocks — they’re sturdy without being too heavy

$24.49 on Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime)

To purchase, click here.


Yoga Bolster

If you’re interested in exploring restorative yoga postures, a yoga bolster is a must. 

It’s great for making savasana (final resting pose) more comfortable. You can place the bolster under your knees while you’re lying on your back in savasana. 

It can also be used as a meditation cushion. Like sitting on a block, this is a more cozy way to lift your hips to make seated positions far more comfortable. 

There are many bolsters out there, some I find far too big and some too small. I recommend a rectangular (as opposed to round) yoga bolster. 

I use:

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow

$62.99 on Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime)

To purchase, click here.


Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets are ideal for using during restorative and Yoga Nidra classes. When your body rests for prolonged periods, such as during both of those classes, your body temperature drops. To keep your body warm and cozy, a blanket is highly recommended.

Blankets are also used as additional props during restorative yoga and can be placed under your head, hips, or knees for extra cushion and support.

I recommend at least one yoga blanket for restorative (if you're ready to dive in, two is even better!). 

And I recommend two yoga blankets for Yoga Nidra.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me:

Ashley Asti




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