Why Organic?

Our skin is magical. It is a living, breathing organ, the largest organ in our bodies. 

Under the name of my skincare line, I often place a double-pointed arrow, expanding limitlessly in both directions, like this:

I choose this because what inspires me about skin is that it is an organ of communication; it literally connects what’s inside of us to what’s outside, and what’s outside to what’s within. 

In other words, our skin is not a solid barrier, guarding us from everything outside and never allowing anything inside to come out. Just think about how we sweat out toxins through our skin or how we soak in medicines through patches, like nicotine patches or birth control patches. Our skin is a porous barrier.

We’ve often heard the expression you are what you eat. Meaning, the food we take in literally becomes us: it becomes the protein in our muscles and our hair, the collagen in our skin. One of the most intimate relationships we can have is with our food: when we open our mouths and swallow, what we take in forms us. With every bite we take, we have a hand in creating ourselves. 

But the expression, “You are what you eat,” doesn’t go far enough. We are also everything we put on our skin. Because our skin is a porous barrier, the majority—upwards of 60%—of what we put on it is absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream. Our skin eats, too. 

This matters. Because, in every moment, our bodies are new. Our skin replaces itself every month, our stomach lining regenerates every five days, and our livers are new every six weeks. What this means, so powerfully, is that though our bodies appear statuesque and unchanging, they are continually building and rebuilding themselves. So, if we are what we eat and we are what we put on our skin, with everything we take in, we get to choose whether we want to build our bodies up or break them down. In other words, we have a tremendous responsibility to understand the impact of our food and our self-care products on our bodies.

Since we know that our skin eats, too, and what it eats affects our wellness on the deepest levels, we must be just as mindful about what we put on our skin as what we put in our mouths. In other words, if you wouldn’t eat it—if you can’t pronounce the ingredients in it because it’s manufactured and modified in a lab rather than grown in the earth—should you really be putting it on your skin?

When I create skincare products to nourish your body, I believe there is no other option but to choose ingredients that are sage and natural healers grown in our soil. I choose plant-based. And I feel a responsibility to choose organic.

When we spray the earth with pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, covering the land we live on, and the food we eat, and the herbs that will become our skincare products, with poisons, we must remember we are spraying ourselves. 

Until we recognize this truth—we are the earth, our connection to it irrevocable and undeniable—we will know neither health nor peace. What we do to our natural abode, we do to ourselves. For earth’s sake and for our own, we must choose consciously.

Because choosing organic or caring for the earth is not just about the health of our children’s children, but our health right now. We are plagued with chronic illness at such high rates that we have forgotten how unnatural it is. No, to suffer chronic pain, to be so frequently tired that coffee must be around every corner, to have such unimaginably and devastatingly high rates of cancer, to have heart burn and indigestion always, and to be so chronically unhappy is not ok. Our birthright is luminosity.

We must understand that we are the co-creators of our lives and of this earth. I choose organic, vegan, loving ingredients because it is not only our responsibility, but our sacred calling to care for our bodies, our spirits, and our planet. 

Skincare is just the beginning.