What is Beauty?

Beauty is a fullness of existence. It is not merely sweetness, prettiness, loveliness. It is full-throated being, and this includes the shadow side. It is about coming to see life’s emergent depths—how it is more than just one thing and it is all these things at once. To step into beauty is to deepen the mystery, to acknowledge and deepen life’s complexity. Because beauty is about becoming, unfolding your true essence. And becoming is not work for the faint of heart. 


If you want to reach beauty, you must know that it is sustained in your core, lives in the depths of you. We fetishize and chase and revere what is pretty, but this reverence is misplaced. The one who truly embodies beauty is one whose beauty is felt, not necessarily seen in prettiness, in loveliness. This beauty is presence. This beauty is a willingness to sit with oneself and see: who am I? This beauty is unflinching in the face of darkness, can walk side-by-side with those in sorrow or those who have been forsaken and refused. This beauty is guttural and raw and, still, leans into gentleness, compassion, invitation. 


So, this skincare line of mine—sure, we can talk about skin. We can talk about that kind of beauty. But that is only the initial appeal, the enticement. I invite you down the rabbit hole with me, past the lovely allure and into the unplumbed space of existence. Let’s cross the threshold.