What goes into creating a custom oil

Want to know what goes into creating a custom oil? After working with a customer to capture the story of her skin and spirit, I sent this email to her to celebrate and share the final product I created. It shows the love, thought, and personal touch that goes into every custom oil. 



I want to thank you, first, for your trust—entrusting me with your story and with the deep responsibility and honor of serving your spirit and your skin. Your openness and honesty touched my heart.

I’ve created an oil that is subtle and sensual, in that it reveals itself slowly. It is a meditation in centeredness, love. Its boldness is in its quiet power; it is not showy but it is strong in spirit. I’ve used a range of essential oils that come together to nourish each other and discover wholeness: it is not just its parts, but everything and anything all at once, to borrow from your words. 

I’ve included blue chamomile to ease and gently soothe your skin and spirit. When I put blue chamomile up against my nose, I feel peace and I feel most loved: in color theory, its blue color balances the heat, intensity, and aggression of red. Light blue, the color of the blue chamomile oil, is linked with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. It is a color of peace, of flowing oceans, of wisdom, confidence, faith, and the heavens. In the language of chakras, blue opens you to communication, self-expression, self-truth. May it serve you in knowing and expressing who you are. 

Rose essential oil imbues its power in your oil: to me, it expresses boldness, the truth that lives in our hearts—it is self-aware and soulful; it is not bravado. It is sensual, a note of desire. It is one of the most expensive essential oils to produce; know you are worthy. It is elevating and opens us to self-love, self-compassion, self-nurturing. It is also one of the finest oils for skin, honoring your temple like it is sacred, awakening in you a glow that stems from the heart. It is vital, vibrant; the essence and mover of life itself.

Neroli also centers itself around the heart, harmonizing mind with emotions. It feels uplifting while also giving off the aroma of grounding, of the earth. It is the oil of confidence, courage, strength, grace, and beauty. It is a fine balancer of skin, evening tone, celebrating and supporting skin as it grows wise. To me, it feels like the oil of wisdom and beauty.

I’ve included sage for protection, honoring the sacredness of your temple and distilling faith even in moments of faithlessness; peppermint for positivity, uplift, joy, a pop of life, and openness—expansive, limitless creativity. I’ve included lavender to balance skin and mood, to move you from fear into acceptance of uncertainty and acceptance of who you are; sandalwood because it oh-so-sensual and desirable and confident and freeing. Lime because it is fun; you can’t help but smile when you smell it or think of cutting into and savoring a juicy lime in your water on a hot day; with lime, there is no space for cynicism, only optimism grounded in the pleasures of the earth. And, finally, orange essential oil because orange is the color of sunshine, joy, creativity, enthusiasm.

I’ve poured this, with love, into a home of jojoba oil, the oil that most closely resembles the sebum of human skin. It will provide you with enough hydration, without being too much. It moves with you through the seasons. 


May you wear it and feel everything you deserve. May your skin glow from knowing this oil was created with so much love for you and that it represents you; it carries your heart, your spirit, your energy. And may you know that I am grateful for the experience of walking with your energy for a few days as I created this. You are a teacher to me.

With lots of love,


Above: A custom oil label, made with love.