THRIVE Program Roots

You are incredibly powerful.

What you do right now creates your future.

Just think about it: we always use the phrase “we are what we eat,” right? Every food we eat becomes us, literally. The amount and quality of protein, fat, and other nutrients we take in shapes our blood chemistry, forms our muscles, determines the strength of our hair. We are what we take in.

But what if we extended that principle? If we looked at our bodies not just as a collection of all the food we’ve eaten, but of everything we consume: every product we put on our skin, every thought we have, every word we speak, every experience. Even everything we watch on TV.

In other words, what if we saw ourselves for what we really are: our own creators.

And this is not just a hunch: this is science. With the single discovery of E = mc^2, Einstein proved that energy can be turned into matter. In other words, your thoughts can become things.

So where does this power come from?

We are made of atoms which, at their heart, are essentially nothing: they’re as void or empty as inter-galactic space. And that means we, too—as seemingly sturdy and dense as we are—are as void or empty as inter-galactic space. But this is not a defeat, this emptiness; no, there’s magic in this. Just as the space between the stars is not cold, bleak, and lifeless, we, too, have a spark within us that gives life to our darkness. We are packed with unseen energy ready to coalesce into something more. We are pure potential and, in each moment, we can create something new of ourselves—we can transform nothing into something spectacular. It’s in our bones, quite literally. 

Emptiness is the starting point for everything that exists. 

And what this means, so powerfully, is that we can change the state of our wellness in any moment. What’s so miraculous about our bodies is that, at every second, they’re new. Our skin replaces itself every month, our stomach lining regenerates every 5 days, and our livers are new every 6 weeks. By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms in your body will have been exchanged for new ones. 

Though they may look the same to our senses in every moment, our bodies are not statuesque and unchanging: no, the breakthrough is that they’re fluid. In other words, at every moment, we have an opportunity either to build up or break down our bodies

The question then becomes: how are you going to choose to honor and care for your body to achieve optimum wellness?

Our mission here is not only to show you the way, but to show you that you can.

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