Tea Tree & Clay Tooth Powder Reviews

"Amazing!!! As always I am blown away by the simplicity and overwhelming effectiveness of your products. I've had an on going thrush like condition in my mouth and have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Until this. I look forward to brushing my teeth. And I have actually gotten compliments on my teeth this week out of the blue. How weird is that! Not weird. It's exactly how effective your products are. I even had my children use it. I will admit it took some getting used to the taste, the smell, and the texture but the way your teeth feel when you're done is beyond! Thank you for your gift. Not just the toothpaste. Your gift of wonder that comes with all of your products that very obviously are tremendously special gifts to all who will use them. Good luck with your new product. I for one will enjoy it and promote it to all of my friends, family, and clients. Love and gratitude."
- Rachel