Spartan Sprint - How to Sign Up

We're Taking On The 

Saturday, November 23rd

1:00pm at Old Bethpage Village Restoration

3 miles. 20 obstacles.

Who's ready to face their fears, challenge their limits, and accomplish this together?

Join the official Breezy's Bunch team today!

How To Register

1. Want to SAVE money? We've got a Groupon! Purchase the Groupon here:

2. You'll get an email confirming your Groupon purchase. Redeem the Groupon to get your discount code. 

3. Go to the official Spartan Race page to register: 

4. Select the registration that says, "Afternoon (Saturday 1:00PM - 5:00PM)" to register for this time slot. Click "Register Now." 

5. When prompted, select race time as 1:00PM. 

6. Complete registration information, making sure to "Join a Team." Our team is Breezy's Bunch. The password to join our team is: letsdothis 

7. When you checkout on the Spartan race website, use the code provided when you redeemed the Groupon. 

8. The race cost will be the $59 Groupon + $22, which the Spartan Race itself will charge.

 9. Get ready to have fun and get healthy! (And invite your friends to join in, too!)