SHE is

The individuals who choose my products are not the same: imagine people of different faiths, colors, ages, genders + purposes. 

What they share are beliefs. 

So I’ve imagined them here as one, as coming together in their multiplicity, and I’ve called them “She.” She is a collective and extends to everyone who is inspired by who She is and what She believes, whether they identify as women or not. 

She believes we are all connected.

She believes it is time we reclaim our bodies and our stories, bringing them out from hiding.

She believes that as each of us frees ourselves to share who we are, exactly as we are, that we shift the culture. 

She believes we need to change the conversation around body image + wellbeing. She believes we all deserve to know our own beauty + worth.

She believes our skin is like a living, breathing hub, a place of exchange and connection, where what’s inside us meets the outside world and vice versa. Life, change, and transformation happen where our skin meets the world.

She believes we do not nourish our skin to chase the fountain of youth, to try to hold ourselves stagnant and resist the flow of time: no, we nourish our skin to embrace change, to truly allow our skin and bodies to change, to shift, to become over and over again. We nourish our skin with good ingredients so we can transform, rising higher and rooting deeper.

She believes that what goes on her skin should be good for her body, her spirit, her companion creatures, and our earth. She believes in oneness.

She believes we must stop poisoning the earth with pesticides + herbicides + insecticides. Mother Earth’s longevity matters.

She believes that the wellbeing of everyone who creates her skincare products, from those who cultivate it in the fields to those who blend and pack it, matters. 

She believes that every choice she makes matters. She knows that even the smallest amount of money can be healing when she uses it to express her beliefs and her optimism—her highest ideals and her most soulful commitments + values. When she buys my products, she does so because she wants to support a new, empowering model for relating to our skin, our bodies + our spirits.

She is inspired and, every day, she practices living well.