Physical Benefits:

Sandalwood is soothing, offering relief to redness, inflammation, and even sunburn.

With its antibacterial qualities, sandalwood supports skin in preventing breakouts and rashes and in healing wounds.

It helps naturally fade scars and balance skin's hydration. 

Energetic Benefits:

Sandalwood vibrates at a high frequency, quieting the mind and inspiring inner peace and confidence.

It is an auspicious oil linked to clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection, and success. 

Its essence is known to bring you to a deep state of relaxation, to the pure presence within you. 

Sandalwood offers ease to your heart and truth to your throat to encourage your full self-expression. 

An aphrodisiac, sandalwood connects you to the sensuality of your being—taste, touch, smell, sight, and heightened awareness. 

The Legend:

Sandalwood is called upon as a funeral herb, carrying a soul into the next life. Its oil embodies the energy of transition, of transformation, of new beginnings. 

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