Skin Benefits:

Rosewood is known for supporting skin regeneration, allowing it to heal and soften scar tissue and to support skin in looking vibrant and healthy. 

Naturally cleansing and anti-bacterial, rosewood deodorizes and heals skin safely and quickly. It also works to prevent breakouts. 

It balances oil production so skin finds its perfect hydration. 

Energetic Benefits:

Rosewood is an oil of the heart. 

In moments of grief, heartsickness, and loneliness, it transforms that heaviness into compassion and a sense of communion with yourself, with the world around you, and with the seen and unseen. 

It is an oil of faith, hope, and belief in opportunity even in times of seeming hopelessness. 

When sadness descents, rosewood allows you to soften into the sadness until it begins to release and lighten. 

It is an oil for survivors, imparting strength and resilience. And even forgiveness. 

With this oil, you may feel called to offer yourself a chance to be seen, to be vulnerable, and to know you are worthy of love 

You can find rosewood in:

Gentle Man Face Oil

I Am Beauty Roll-On

I Am Pleasure Roll-On

I Am Resilient Roll-On