Our Philosophy


i. We do not believe that poisoning the earth or the animals that live upon it is an option. To create a beautiful world, we must create with peace. We promise products of pure and peaceful intentions.

ii. We do not believe in anti-wrinkle or anti-aging because your wisdom and natural beauty are divine. Be you, courageously.

iii. We do not chase the fountain of youth, but show you how to become the people to whom deep rejuvenation belongs.

iv. We do not promise to remove every mark from your skin forever; your skin is a living, breathing organ. It is a part of a system that moves and changes to keep your body healthy and alive and clean. Marks and spots appear, and marks and spots fade. Instead, we promise to celebrate every ounce of your skin and beauty. May you radiate the remarkable essence that is you. 

v. We believe that achieving radiant skin is about more than what you put on your skin: it is about everything you take in, do, and say. The way you live your life matters.

vi. We do not engage in negativity—in competition or crushing others to get where we need to go. Extraordinary success comes when we lift each other up.

vii. We refuse to add to the toxicity of your body. We will not offer anything for your skin that is not safe merely for the sake of profits. We will not be a part of the sickening of humanity.

viii. As a company, we will do nothing we don’t love. We're following our bliss and refuse to follow anything less.

ix. We promise to remember what we have to be grateful for and to spread the love. Giving back is an inextinguishable part of our mission.

x. We promise to honor and respect your beauty. Your body and being are sacred; we will rise up to meet you.

*For more on our commitment to stewardship, read An Open Letter on our Commitment to Ethical Production and Our Commitment to Green Packaging.