Skin Benefits:

Peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin, soothing irritation and inflammation. 

A natural antiseptic, peppermint cleanses the skin, creating greater skin clarity and preventing breakouts. 

It also increases blood flow, which promotes quicker healing. When massaged into the body, it can relieve muscle pain, stiff joints, and physical tension. 

It works on a deeper level, too, relieving tension not only of the physical body but the emotional body. Especially when applied to the back of the neck, peppermint supports you in releasing tension and stress.

Energetic Benefits:

Peppermint stimulates the hippocampus, making it an ideal oil for preventing mental fatigue and memory loss. It encourages clarity and focus. 

Its energy clears the head, allowing you to throw off tension and refresh your spirit. 

It is an oil of uplift. 

As a yang oil, peppermint cools while also invigorating the body. It is an oil of energy and action.

Peppermint is linked with the 7th chakra, promoting clairvoyance—drawing you beyond and inward. 

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