Skin Benefits:

Patchouli stimulates cell regeneration and boosts circulation, which means that, when applied, it promotes rapid healing, working to fade blemishes, cuts, scars, and bruises. 

It balances moisture for hydrated, healthy skin. 

It’s anti-inflammatory, soothing redness, irritation, breakouts, eczema, or itchiness. 

And patchouli is even deodorizing, leaving your body smelling fresh. 

Energetic Benefits: 

Patchouli is an oil of optimism, belief, and faith. In moments of feeling overworked, weary, or powerless, it imparts optimism, hope, and empowerment. 

In moments of heartsickness, it embodies within us the energy of wholeness and healing, of a heart that can heal and love. 

And when cynicism abounds, it reminds us to see from above and welcome in a new view. 

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