Skin Benefits:

Palmarosa balances skin's natural oil production, allowing both dry and oily skin to remain perfectly hydrated. 

It's also known to promote skin cell renewal, making it an oil of healing for scars, stretch marks, or sun spots. 

Energetic Benefits:

Palmarosa essential oil is an oil of enthusiasm and loyalty.

It has a sweet, floral, lemony scent that awakens us to our energy body and offers us a feeling of direction and destiny.

It teaches us to love ourselves with enthusiasm, be gentle, kind, and loyal, and to journey to the space within our hearts where love grows.

It uplifts yet calms with its cooling essence, guiding us through rocky moments when we may resist life’s flow.

It supports deep sleep and eases any sense of grief or defensiveness.

Palmarosa has a feminine scent, but masculine power. With this combination, it teaches us how to lead with the force of love.

The palmarosa plant is a kind of grass. While grass is cut down often, it regrows, often with more determination than before. This reminds us that even though life can cut us down or we feel like our life has burned to the ground, we can rise, again, regrowing with strength.

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