Neroli essential oil is sensuous and bewitching. It inspires confidence and awakens our passions and a desire for fulfillment.

It is life-affirming and rooted in hope. It carries the energy of groundedness, of being rooted like a strong tree that cannot be blown over easily.

When we use this oil, it encourages us to release tension and untie emotional knots. When we're lacking joie de vivre, it uplifts, and it offers us the beauty of love and life.

Envelop yourself in Neroli with these products:

Wise Woman Face Oil
Peaceful Woman Face Oil
Neroli Face Mist
Neroli & Rose Body Oil
I Am Blossoming Roll-On
I Am Resilient Roll-On
I Am Pleasure Roll-On
I Am Aquarius Roll-On
I Am Taurus Roll-On
I Am Libra Roll-On
Distinguished Man Face Oil