Meet the Maker

Ashley Asti is a writer, advocate, and entrepreneur who intertwines her commitment to authenticity throughout all aspects of her life. She is a prolific author, the director of the non-profit Brittany’s Baskets of Hope, and she has embraced her passion for yoga by becoming a certified instructor. She is also the creator of ASHLEY ASTI, an organic skincare line designed to honor our bodies, our planet, and our spirits.


Her mission in all her work is to connect her students, readers, and clients to the beauty of their souls. 



Favorite food: Avocados!

Favorite song: At the moment, I love dancing to Just Got Paid and singing in the car to anything Taylor Swift. 

Favorite book: We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For by Alice Walker. (Honorable mentions are many, but include The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton and Know My Name by Chanel Miller)

Favorite binge TV show: Jane the Virgin

Any pets? My cat, Chloe

The thing I admire most in others: Authenticity 

My favorite inspiring celebrity women: Oprah, Michelle Obama, Connie Schultz, Greta Thunberg