Love-Your-Body Deodorant Reviews


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"To my astonishment, it actually works! Like, no B.O. or sweat, and since you need only use such a small amount each day, this $15 jar (2 fl. oz) will likely last you an entire year."

-Actress Viva Bianca

"I have been in search of a natural deodorant that works for years. I had tried just about everything and had resigned myself to the idea that I would be stuck using the deodorants with ingredients we now know to be harmful until I met Ashley. The Love Your Body deodorant is the best deodorant I have used. I have used it when running, doing yoga, and just hanging around and it has been super effective. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself every time I put it on. It has a really nice texture, a light and refreshing scent that reminds me of the spa, and I absolutely love that proceeds go toward [a good cause]!"

- Kim 

I first came across your products at a Vegan Festival at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary this summer where I purchased your deodorant and just wanted to say THANK YOU SOULLLL MUCH for creating this organic awesomeness. I've had such a hard time finding an organic deodorant that worked with my active lifestyle, but your magic in a bottle works wonders! Not only are your products amazing, but so is your philosophy behind your company and your dedication to conserving the environment. You are a true inspiration! Sending positive vibes your way for continued growth and success. The world needs more conscious creators like you. You have a life long customer. Thank you again for creating such an amazing product, you are a goddess :)"

- Mieko

"I am wearing my new deodorant and loving it. :) It works great and smells amazing and I love that it is NOT bad for me!"

- Caroline

"The deodorant is absolutely amazing. Everything is."

- Danielle

"I have been sharing your wonderful deodorant with all of my friends and they LOVE it!! You are such a talented and wonderful woman, I'm so grateful to have met you! xx"

- Jess

"I love the deodorant—it's amazing!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!"
- Sidni
"Your deodorant and toothpowder are my favorite things right now!! Your deodorant works SO well for me. Thank you, thank you!"
- Natalie, sustainability blogger

"I had to share with you that my boyfriend absolutely loved the Men's Aftershave! And of course I am still loving the deodorant."

- Miriam

"I got your deodorant at Wanderlust in Stratton, VT (for me and my mother-in-law!) and now I'm buying another one for myself and one for a friend and her mother to start spreading the word of Ashley Asti and your great working natural deodorant! You are very talented and driven and are making a difference in health and the choices we make by having products like yours available. Thanks so much!"

- Catherine

 "This is the best!!! Works awesome!"

- Rhonda

"I think I have found the best deodorant ever. Thank you."

- Veronica