Lemon Essential Oil

Physical Benefits:

Lemon is naturally purifying, cleansing the skin. 

Infused with protective antioxidants, lemon essential oil neutralizes free radicals to support skin is feeling healthy and vibrant, no matter your season of life. 

It is also anti-inflammatory, soothing skin and reducing swelling, puffiness, and redness. 

Energetic Benefits:

This is oil comes from the sun-colored fruit, embodying light and an inner and outer glow. When you wear it, may you feel that you radiate like the sun, self-luminous. 

Some hold lemon’s ability to clear away negativity as its secret power. It’s a natural cleanser that allows you to softly begin to release what no longer serves you as you welcome in more joy, more sunshine, more light, more love. 

It is an oil of uplift, ushering in cheer even in moments of uncertainty or darkness.

It is also connected to the solar plexus chakra, the energy center of confidence and empowerment. 

You can find lemon in:

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