Skin Benefits:

Juniper soothes skin irritations, bringing balance to any skin redness or inflammation. 

It's antibacterial, making it ideal for healing breakouts, scars, and cuts.

Juniper is also known to soften skin and hair.  

Energetic Benefits

When the Black Death ravaged Europe, juniper was one of the most called upon and effective protectors. 

It was also known as a guardian of the threshold between this world and the next. It was believed to care for and protect the souls of the dead in between lives until they were ready to reincarnate. Because of this, juniper was often planted on graves.

This means that juniper may support us in transitions from darkness and uncertainty to light and clarity. It guides us on journeys of hidden or unseen transformation—until we are ready to burst forth.

Juniper is cleansing and purifying and considered to guard the body against infection.

It is also linked with promoting fertility.

You can call on juniper to send waves of rejuvenation through you, too, as its essence energizes and restores us when our nervous system is overloaded, or in times when we're feeling exhausted or stressed.

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