Immortelle (Helichrysum) Essential Oil

The Legend:

Immortelle (or helichrysum) comes from the Greek words meaning "sun" and "gold." The dried flowers were often given as valuable offerings to the Greek gods.

Physical Benefits:

Immortelle is a deep cleanser and purifier, activating your skin’s innate healing powers to reduce scar tissue and acne. 

It is also soothing, providing relief from irritation, itchiness, or redness. Its subtle blue color is cooling (balancing out the heat of inflammation). 

Filled with antioxidants, immortelle embodies the energy of longevity, promoting healthy, vibrant skin no matter the season of life you’re in. 

Energetic Benefits:

Immortelle carries with it the essence of immortality—not only of longevity, but endurance, the ability to withstand and persist through obstacles, and of life beyond death. 

It holds the power of transformation—of rebirth.

It also catalyzes us to move through challenges from a place of deep truth and awareness. It facilitates transformation not at the surface, but the core. 

This oil is particularly powerful because it supports us in clearing our past, softening into letting go of what no longer serves us. It does so gently, often through our dreams. There is nothing you have to do; simply be open to receiving its healing. 

It’s an essence that comes from a flower that loves the sun, so it is linked to our solar plexus chakra, our energetic space of confidence and personal power. It encourages us to see ourselves with new awareness, provoking deeper self-love and renewed creativity. 

It is an oil that will strengthen your resolve and inspire. 

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