Skin Benefits:

This anti-inflammatory oil soothes red, swollen, itchy, or inflamed skin. 

It disinfects skin, promoting the speedy healing of scars and other wounds. 

It also stimulates blood flow and circulation to quickly heal and revitalize skin. 

Energetic Benefits:

In ancient Egypt, Frankincense was revered as the "sweat of the gods." It is known for healing wounds & offering new life.

It increases introspection & spiritual awareness, and stimulates inspiration.

Frankincense aids in prayer and meditation and is used as an anointing oil in sacred ceremonies, rituals, and rites of passage.

It enhances the divine connection through your crown chakra. It promotes a sense of peace and an inner knowing that you are supported by the universe.

It is an oil of transformation, opening you to guidance and wisdom.

Its essence is grounding, rooting you into the earth, while also lifting your vibration into the heavens.

You can find frankincense in:

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Neroli Face Mist

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