Fennel Essential Oil

Skin Benefits:

Anti-inflammatory, fennel essential oil is soothing to skin, reducing redness and calming irritation.
Fennel essential oil balances skin's natural oils, allowing it to hydrate both dry and oily skin to perfection.
Fennel essential oil is stimulating and deodorizing, with a slightly sweet, invigorating aroma

It is naturally cleansing.

Energetic Benefits:

Fennel is clearing and purifying to the body and spirit. 

Its essence is cooling, relieving the redness of anger or the heat of tension and heartache.

Fennel is calming and uplifting, offering relief from mind chatter as it ushers in clarity. 

You can find fennel in:

Distinguished Man Face Oil

Hands & Feet Cream

Nourished Woman Face Oil

Spiritual Warrior Face Oil