Energetic Benefits:

Eucalyptus dispels negativity and improves mental clarity.

When you feel stuck, eucalyptus brings new energy to a situation and encourages a positive outlook.

It heals regrets and worries, allowing you to leave behind those burdens. The oil comes from the eucalyptus plant that has a high water content, meaning it carries the energy of fluidity, calmness, and ease. 

Eucalyptus also promotes vivid dreams, offering you an opportunity to connect with dream guides and sacred messages while you slumber.

Physical Benefits:

Eucalyptus clears nasal congestion and inflammation and relieves upper respiratory issues (which is why it's in chest rubs and used with humidifiers!). 

You can find eucalyptus in:

I Am Blossoming Roll-On

I Am Gemini Roll-On

I Am Sagittarius Roll-On