Custom Oil Reviews

"It Arrived!! I could weep. It couldn't be more perfect. Aside from my face, I was putting a little drop of this on the back of my hand, on my temples, wherever ... throughout the day yesterday just to have the scent and energy of this wafting around me. My skin loves this - and I slept like a rock last night - which never happens. Thank you for such a lift."
—M.B., Oregon
"I have been using the custom oil you made for me every night since Christmastime, when my Mom gave it to me. It has given me such strength, peace, presence, and support, even as I moved and started a new job and have been in some not-grounded circumstances. I think I somehow was drawn to you and your beautiful oils at exactly the right moment, but this oil was (is!!) beyond even what I imagined and dreamed of. I put it on every night just before bed, and - as you said - bring it up to my nose and inhale slowly, and then feel like I am giving myself such a gift and such care when I put it on. I don't have enough words to thank you. It is just pure healing magic, and I hope you know how deeply grateful I am for the creating and the care that you so lovingly put out into the world. You are making such a huge difference."
—G.K., Ohio