I Am Taurus Roll-On



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I am Taurus.

Roll on this essential oil blend to envelop your body and senses in the energy of Taurus.

Taurus is an earth element depicted as The Bull. The bull protects and defends. Back when herding cattle provided the prime sustenance for a community, the cattle were valuable, providing milk, butter, cheese, meat. All parts of the cattle were used, including to make tents and clothing. The cattle nourished the whole community. The bull was vital, then, for the community’s survival because the bull impregnated the cow.

Drawing from the bull’s energy, Taurus conserves, protects, and celebrates assets—both material things for survival, luxury items and experiences, and assets like talents, gifts, and love. They are steadfast, tenacious (although sometimes stubborn!), and determined. They have strength, patience, and the willingness to follow through

Like the bull, Taurus is often associated with fertility and pleasures like food, sex, and wine. Connected with Venus, the Goddess of Love and patron of beauty and the arts, Taurus typically has a keen aesthetic sense for fashion, design, and music. 

Taurus is grounded and connected to the earth, which may express itself as a deep commitment to and love for our planet. Taurus often loves gardening and feels called to care for our environment. Rooted individuals, they are often very loyal and tend to form life-long friendships and marriages. 

Taurus is also sensitive and drawn to the beautiful aroma of luxurious, grounding oils, expressing both their connection to our earth and their affinity for beauty.

About the Oils 

This blend is enlivened by rose geranium, a luxurious, aromatic oil ruled by Venus, the patron of beauty. Rose geranium offers Taurus a sense of love for themselves, for our planet, and for each other, spreading beauty and peace. It is an oil of balance, healing, and heart. 

Neroli also grounds this blend. Neroli is sensuous, powerful, embodying passion and hope. To me, it is a queen oil—an oil of bold confidence that awakens our desire for fulfillment and affirms life. It is an oil of pleasure, celebrating love, beauty, joie de vivre. It is an oil of the earth, herbaceous and full. 

Vetiver in this blend matches Taurus’s strong earth element with its potent rooting quality. It is an oil that encourages steadiness, loyalty, and commitment, keeping Taurus grounded in their bodies and the earth’s body. 

Lastly, carrot seed strengthens the sacral chakra, the place of fertility and creativity. In Celtic, carrot means “red of color,” and red is linked to the root chakra, the lowest energy center in the body responsible for grounding us, for protection, for survival, and for steadfastness. In Greek, carrot comes from a word that means “to burn,” which offers Taurus staying power and the scent of earth—rooted, giving, providing. 

How it works

Essential oils are potent essences that carry the wisdom and magic of the earth. Not only do they heal and honor our skin; they change the frequency of our cells, bringing transformation to our thoughts, our emotions, and our mood. 

* * *

With each essential oil, we take our cue from myths and stories of the past and our senses, allowing the lores of how they were used, their color, their scent, and how they make us feel to help us conjure the intuitive energy and properties of each oil.

How to apply it:

Apply to:

  • your wrists
  • the soles and tops of your feet
  • your temples
  • your neck
  • the crown of your head
  • your abdomen
  • over your heart
  • behind your ears
  • your shoulders
  • or bring it to your nose and waft in its energy and aroma

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic essential oils of Rose Geranium, Neroli, Carrot Seed, and Vetiver

Product Size: 10 ml