I Am Scorpio Roll-On



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I am Scorpio.

Roll on this essential oil blend to envelop your body and senses in the energy of Scorpio.

 Associated with Pluto, the “underworld,” Scorpio marks the descent into winter, the inner journey into the shadow—the darkness—only to emerge into the light with deeper understanding and self-awareness. 

Scorpio is a water sign, with an underbelly of fire, smoldering underneath. It is like an underwater volcano, long dormant until, unpredictably, it rises and erupts

Scorpios have strong emotions, but may appear mysterious or secretive, preferring privacy to vulnerability. However, they have beautiful things to express when opened with trust, and it is that deep trust and commitment that they crave most in relationships. 

When we think of Scorpio, we may think of the scorpion, “a sting in its tail,” but what I admire about Scorpios is their aspirations to ascend. Another symbol for the Scorpio is the eagle. Soaring higher than any other bird, the eagle displays unshakable poise, confidence, boldness and courage while reaching divine heights, marking the Scorpio’s spiritual journey and gifts. 

Scorpios may appear serious and carry deep reserves of energy, often hidden until they choose to harness and step into their power. 

Scorpios may not ask for help, stoically going forward, so we ask them to remember to treat their bodies and their spirits with love, and we offer them in this blend warming oils of the sun.

About the Oils

The signature oil for Scorpio, found in this blend, is Patchouli, a deep, grounding, smoldering essence. Patchouli is also alluring, which matches the sign’s intense passion and magnetism. 

Originating in South-East Asia, patchouli is used traditionally to treat snake and poisonous insect bites, balancing the sign’s “sting in its tail” quality. 

Juniper, also in this blend, was planted for centuries on graves, assuming to nurture the souls of the dead until they were ready to reincarnate. So juniper offers us support in the dark night, allowing our hidden transformations to go unseen until we’re ready to burst forth, emerging into the light once again. 

Juniper is also energizing and restoring, providing sunny warmth, ease, and a release of tension. 

Carrot Seed grounds this blend. In Greek it comes from the word “dais”—“to burn.” It is connected to both our sacral chakras (the powerful place of fertility and creation) and the third eye chakra (for vision, intuition, spiritual insight). 

While Scorpio smolders, it is a water sign and rosemary honors this in this blend as the “Dew of the Sea,” symbolizing rising from the dark waters. Legend has it that rosemary was draped around Aphrodite as she rose from the sea. 

Finally, there’s helichrysum, also known as immortelle. Helichrysum symbolizes immortality, the spiritual, divine aspect of Scorpio. And it encourages the throat chakra to gather its courage, rising up and sharing its voice.

How it works

Essential oils are potent essences that carry the wisdom and magic of the earth. Not only do they heal and honor our skin; they change the frequency of our cells, bringing transformation to our thoughts, our emotions, and our mood. 

* * *

With each essential oil, we take our cue from myths and stories of the past and our senses, allowing the lores of how they were used, their color, their scent, and how they make us feel to help us conjure the intuitive energy and properties of each oil.

How to apply it:

Apply to:

  • your wrists
  • the soles and tops of your feet
  • your temples
  • your neck
  • the crown of your head
  • your abdomen
  • over your heart
  • behind your ears
  • your shoulders
  • or bring it to your nose and waft in its energy and aroma

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic essential oils of Juniper, Patchouli, Carrot Seed, Rosemary, Helichrysum

Product Size: 10 ml