I Am Aries Roll-On



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I am Aries.

Roll on this essential oil blend to envelop your body and senses in the energy of Aries.

The symbol for Aries is The Ram—rushing forth, bounding ahead, tasting life. Its horns symbolize a seed bursting forth through the earth as Aries season coincides with the spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere.

Aries are full of zest and are eager for new experiences. They are pioneers, leaders, and lovers of adventure and spontaneity. Bursting forth with enterprising and sometimes daredevil energy, Aries may inspire with their enthusiasm. We love that energy and remind them to lead always with kindness and spunk, but not control. 

Great initiators, gathering friends for trips and new experiences, Aries are “doers” and very decisive. If they feel they lose their ability to be active, to meet new frontiers, they may become frustrated or depressed. 

Always going, we remind Aries to be gentle with themselves and others, not pushing themselves beyond their limits. Live with self-kindness and offer yourself enough rest. 

Aries is a true fire sign—always the spark.

About the Oils 

This blend offers the often fiery Aries a sense of cooling ease. Blue chamomile illuminates the blend. Just as chamomile tea soothes the body, blue chamomile essential oil soothes the mind and spirit. In color theory, the blueish tint of the oil signifies flowing oceans, ease, and peace. 

Geranium also adds to the blend. A cooling oil, it connects Aries to their hearts and their true intentions. While geranium softens, it is also a strong oil, an oil of beauty, balance, and potency. It reminds Aries to treat themselves with love and to nourish their ever-active bodies and spirits.

The signature oil for Aries, rosemary, is also in this blend. Rosemary, like Aries, is warming and stimulating. The rosemary bush grows with speed and ardency and is the first aromatic shrub to bloom in the spring. Its pioneering spirit matches Aries. 

Aries is also associated with the head (energetically and physically) and rosemary has been used for centuries as an herb to support memory. It is also a restorative oil, one that offers a sense of renewal, a refreshing breath, if Aries pushes past their limits. 

Frankincense in this blend offers a meditative quality which balances Aries when they’re ready to burst forth rush ahead. Frankincense increases introspection and spiritual awareness and stimulates inspiration. 

Lastly, lime adds zest to this blend, bringing the fun, the pleasure, and the flavor! 

How it works

Essential oils are potent essences that carry the wisdom and magic of the earth. Not only do they heal and honor our skin; they change the frequency of our cells, bringing transformation to our thoughts, our emotions, and our mood. 

* * *

With each essential oil, we take our cue from myths and stories of the past and our senses, allowing the lores of how they were used, their color, their scent, and how they make us feel to help us conjure the intuitive energy and properties of each oil.

How to apply it:

Apply to:

  • your wrists
  • the soles and tops of your feet
  • your temples
  • your neck
  • the crown of your head
  • your abdomen
  • over your heart
  • behind your ears
  • your shoulders
  • or bring it to your nose and waft in its energy and aroma

Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic essential oils of Blue Chamomile, Geranium, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Lime

Product Size: 10 ml