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I create customized oils to honor your skin, your body, and your spirit uniquely.

I hand-select every ingredient so that your skin feels nourished, cared for, and healthy.

I want you to feel your own beauty inside and out. The essential oils I use in each oil have healing plant medicine that care not only for your skin, but that can shift your mood and honor your spirit. Consider, for example, the way lavender heals breakouts and redness while also soothing our minds. 

Every time you wear this made just-for-you oil, I want you to know you're treating your skin to something good, offering it wellness and nourishing it like the temple it is. I also want you to connect to the beauty of your soul.

To do this, I will ask you in the form below to tell me about your skin and what you're seeking. I will also ask you, if you feel comfortable sharing, to select statements that match what you want to enhance or attract in your life. 

May this creation honor you, uniquely, and become part of your daily ritual of self-love and self-care.

How it works

I will design this oil for you, in collaboration with you. 

Before you place your order, please fill out the Customize Your Oil form at the bottom of this page so I (Ashley) can get to know what your skin, your body, and your spirit desire. I will treat your story as sacred and private and, from there, I will design your special formula. 

I will send you a note when it’s ready, and mail it to you with wishes of joy, peace, and health. You are worthy.

Two sizes

Offered in three sizes: 2, 4, and 8 fl. oz. I recommend the 2 fl. oz size for face (it's fitted with a small pump top that gives out just the right amount of oil per pump for face) and the 4 or 8 fl. oz sizes for body (their tops dispense more oil per pump, making it ideal for body). 


We package all of our products in glass, never plastic, because plastic fails to biodegrade meaning, once we throw it away, it remains on our earth forever. Our responsibility is to leave a lasting impact in the hearts and spirits of humankind, but not a physical footprint on our planet. The health of the earth matters.

Every product is also packaged and mailed to you with sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials. Read more about our green packaging initiatives here.

Each month, ASHLEY ASTI donates a custom oil to an individual who deserves an extra dose of love and care. 

To nominate someone to receive a custom oil, donated with love, please fill out this nomination form.

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