Lavender Toner

Ashley Asti


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Lavender is the ultimate healer.

Here’s why:

  1. Lavender is anti-bacterial, meaning it fights bacterial growth that clogs pores and leads to breakouts.
  2. It’s an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, meaning it soothes redness, irritation, breakouts, eczema, itchiness, and swelling.
  3. It balances skin so it’s not too dry and not too oily: it makes it just right.
  4. It fights infections, cleans wounds, and helps skin heal faster.
  5. Its phytochemicals prevent free radical damage, keeping divinely mature skin just that: divine. 
  6. It promotes peace, serenity, intuition, and focus. 

...and we're just getting started. Read all about lavender's benefits here

This Lavender Toner is handcrafted with organic lavender essential oil and lavender water to give you maximum benefit. 

It will balance and heal skin and connect you with your inner peace.

Apply with a cotton round to awaken your glow. *I recommend using planet-friendly reusable organic cotton rounds like these.

May be used alone throughout the day, after cleansing with our Face Oils, after shaving to soothe irritation, or before applying deep moisture, like our Ultimate Face Cream, at night.

Product Size: 2 fl. oz.

We package all of our products in glass, never plastic, because plastic fails to biodegrade meaning, once we throw it away, it remains on our earth forever. Our responsibility is to leave a lasting impact in the hearts and spirits of humankind, but not a physical footprint on our planet. The health of the earth matters.

Every product is also packaged and mailed to you with sustainable, recycled, and recyclable materials. Read more about our green packaging initiatives here.

*Want to help the planet? Opt out of the paper label.

When selecting your product above, save $1 by choosing the “without paper label” option. This means we’ll send you your product without a label, just a simple, zero-waste glass jar. Let your bottle bare it all to save money and protect the planet from unnecessary waste. 

Caring for the earth is our responsibility. 

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