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Each month, ASHLEY ASTI donates a custom oil to an individual who deserves access to loving self-care, nourishment, and celebration but may not be able to afford one of our oils on her or his own.


We are committed to donating one custom oil each month, and our mission is to reach as many individuals who are nominated as possible.


To help us reach more worthy individuals each month, please spread the word about our Custom Oil Giving campaign and donate, if you can.

For every $50 raised, we'll donate an additional custom oil to an individual in need.


If you'd like to nominate a deserving individual to receive a custom oil, please fill out this nomination form.


We welcome nominations of all kinds and for individuals of any gender identification. We're honored to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence, activists, those whose lives were affected by the criminal justice system, individuals reclaiming their bodies during or after illness, or anyone else who could use a reminder of their own beauty, inside and out.