Neroli Face Mist

Ashley Asti


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Neroli is powerful regenerative oil.

  1. Neroli can actually reduce cortisol levels in your brain, reducing stress and promoting ease on a deep, cellular level. 
  2. Neroli stimulates skin cells to regrow, making it an impactful choice for healing scars, stretch marks, and dark spots.
  3. It’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, soothing redness, breakouts, swelling, and irritation. 
  4. Neroli reduces fine lines and hydrates moisture-seeking skin. 
  5. Its scent is irresistible, earthy, grounding, sensuous & an aphrodisiac.
  6. It is an oil of confidence, celebration, beauty, and joy. 

Combined with rose water and notes of rose geranium, sage, and frankincense, this mist packs a powerful regenerative punch, hydrating, rejuvenating, and awakening your skin and your soul. 

Spritz to tone, hydrate, and uplift. 

May be used alone throughout the day, after cleansing or shaving to sooth irritation, or combined with a drop or two of one of our Face Oils

Product Size: 2 fl. oz

We package all of our products in glass, never plastic, because plastic fails to biodegrade meaning, once we throw it away, it remains on our earth forever. Our responsibility is to leave a lasting impact in the hearts and spirits of humankind, but not a physical footprint on our planet. The health of the earth matters.

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Organic Rose Hydrosol, Organic essential oils of Neroli, Rose Geranium, Sage, Frankincense, and Rose

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“I really believe that if I want something, God has three answers. It’s either Yes; Yes, but not right now; or No, because I have something better in store for you.”
—Kerry Washington

No is not always the end. Sometimes, we have to see beyond it, imagine what’s coming after the no.

Neroli is a life-affirming oil. It is grounding, strong, and imparts confidence and bravery. It carries in it a joie de vivre, reminding us of the beauty of love and of life.

It reminds us that life goes on, that life can be splendid. Even when you’re struggling, it reminds you: there is beauty. There is more. Don’t give up.