I'm Curious Podcast

Yoga with Border Girls

On today’s podcast, we’re sharing the story of a yoga teacher who created trauma-informed classes for unaccompanied minor girls from South America. A unique look at immigration and human connection.
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Returning Citizen

She’s out of prison after 17 years. What does freedom feel like? Anitria talks about how freedom is complicated—from sleeping in a room without bars, to learning to use the microwave, to getting a driver's license. Tune into the 2nd episode of I'm Curious podcast.
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Just Mercy with David Garlock

(Trigger Warning) When David Garlock was 11 years old, he started getting sexually and physically abused by an older man. The abuse lasted years, leaving David feeling purposeless and constantly afraid. By the time he was 19, he made a choice: he and his brother were going to kill their abuser. And they did.
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