I'm Curious Ep. 4: A Mother's Becoming

When Nicole's son Jack was 7 years old, he escaped from school, leaving a trail of injured staff in his wake. After being caught by a stranger, he was suspended from school—indefinitely.

In that moment, Jack hadn’t yet been diagnosed with autism. So all of his behaviors at school weren’t understood—“they didn’t get him, they didn’t know him,” his mom, Nicole, told me.

But this episode isn’t about autism. It’s about a mother learning to find her voice. Learning to become a fierce and empowered advocate for her son and for herself. About shame and fear and loneliness, and about being seen as exactly who you are. It’s about the joys. The love. About Nicole returning to the essence of who she is.

If you have a child with autism, this will touch you. If you’re like me and you don’t, this will grow your awareness and surprise you and, yes, still touch your heart.

About Nicole:

Nicole Donovan is an author, storyteller, and spiritual seeker. She is also the mother of four boys. She recently published her first book, A Life Suspended: a Mother and Son’s Story of Autism, Extinction Bursts and Living a Resilient Life.

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