I'm Curious Ep. 10: Food Justice with Chilis on Wheels Organizer Eloísa Trinidad


Let's talk about food. Food is part of our daily lives, our celebrations; it connects us. But our access to food is not equal.

This episode explores food justice, asking us to consider not only what we eat, but where it comes from, who has the resources for healthy food, and the workers that produce it. My guest, Eloísa Trinidad, an organizer focusing on animal rights and human rights, talks about the power of providing plant-based foods to communities in need, about labor trafficking within the animals-as-food industry, and about self-care as resistance.

As she and I talk, we find many parallels between the food justice and criminal justice movements, a reminder that none of these systems operate alone. We are all linked.

*A special shoutout to Chilis on Wheels, which we mention throughout the episode. They're a nonprofit committed to nourishing communities in need with plant-based foods.

About Eloísa:

Eloísa Trinidad is a total liberation activist and organizer focusing on animal rights and human rights. She is Co-founder of the animal liberation group Vegan Activist Alliance and serves on the board of directors at Plant Powered Metro New York. Eloísa is also lead organizer at Chilis on Wheels, where she focuses on making veganism accessible to communities in need.

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