Ep. 26: Coming Home with Danica Gim

I’m calling this conversation with Danique Gimbrère (aka Danica Gim) “Coming Home” not only because it’s an exploration of what home is—how her home has crossed continents from the Netherlands, where she was born and grew up, and expanded when she married her Colombian-American husband—but because it’s a story of coming home to herself. We talk about breaking expectations, leaving Christianity and relationships. About intuition, our bodies, sexuality, meeting her husband—oh, I love that story!—and about creating art.

Danique, who’s well-known as Danica Gim on Instagram, shares her poetry and art online, art which is a celebration of women’s bodies and beings and journeys. She says the positive response—she now has an Instagram following of 250 thousand—“has been overwhelming.” She also has an online shop where you can purchase her prints.

Danica Gim Website + Print Shop

Instagram: @danica.gim


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