Ep. 25: Authentic Manhood with Austin Galy


My podcast guest today, Austin Galy, has a tattoo on his arm that says, “He threw away all his masks and put on his soul.” And that’s what he does: he shows up in this conversation, masks off, leading with his soul. 

I’ve listened back to this conversation a few times and, each time, I find something else in it I hadn’t seen before and I’m drawn in more. 

In this episode, we’re talking about what it means to be a man, but it goes even deeper. This conversation is an exploration of pain and trauma, of presence and joy (and even of his precious pit bull, Simba!). It’s an open and honest exploration of sexual identity and of our undeniable interconnectedness. I think you’re gonna like it! 

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Connect with Austin:

Austin’s Website

Instagram: @austin.galy23

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