Your Body Knows How You Feel

After I create each custom oil, I send the recipient a note describing her oil and how I created it with love to nourish her skin and spirit. I'm very lucky that, for a few days as I create each custom oil, I get to bask in her individual energy, reading her words about her own journey and her body. So, at the end of each note, I thank her for letting me spend time with her spirit and tell her what I wish for her, from my heart.

Here's one of those notes.

What I wish for you:

When you open the bottle and take in this oil’s fragrance and its energy, or you put a drop of two on your fingers and bring it up to your nose to apply to your skin, may you know how loved you are and how worthy you are of your own love. You are enough, you are beautiful and, in every moment, your higher self is there—grounded, peaceful, and connected to your heart.

Each custom oil I make is a surprise—not only to the woman who receives it but to me. I never quite know exactly what it’ll be until I create it. I loved this oil so much that I made extra for myself. So, on a personal note, I wanted to share with you that I connected to what you wrote about feeling out of balance emotionally, getting your hormone levels checked, and feeling at a loss. I have experienced the same thing and my skin broke out in rages. I got my hormone levels checked, changed my diet many, many times, did cleanses, etc. What I’ve learned about myself through all of this and about our magical bodies is that they listen. There are receptors throughout our entire bodies that literally create different chemical reactions based on our emotions. When we’re sad, they respond differently than when we’re joyous, let’s say. Our bodies are the signals to what’s going on in our emotional and spiritual lives. 

Telling you that, alone, is not the answer. It doesn’t magically make you feel calm or lift your very real stress or sadness. You are likely feeling all of those things for a very good reason. Just know that what you’re experiencing is actually as natural as it can get: your body is responding to you, uniquely. And know that you’re not alone on this journey. 

Sending you lots of love,


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