You are already carrying everything you need . . .

Tonight, I received a custom oil request from a strong, spiritual, and intuitive woman. My goal, when I create these custom oils, is to create something that serves the skin and the soul, and so I ask each custom oil recipient to share the story of both her skin and her spirit.

Tonight’s recipient spoke of her heart: “I am having a hard time balancing opening up/being vulnerable with fears and anxieties about not being good enough, not accepting where I am at.” As I continued with her words, I found myself pulled in by a story of survival and endurance—she has survived and endured sexual assault and loss, with her story spiraling—“rippling” was the word she used—into tales of heartache and grief. 

So many of us have been there. Trauma of all kinds. Heartbreak. Fear. Doubt. So, when I read her words, I literally cried. 

I cried not because there’s sadness around what she speaks of, but because I felt her. Because she spoke so clearly and honestly and authentically, and because she trusted me with her heart and her story. And that last thing—the trust she placed in me by asking me to carry her spirit, even for just a moment as I consider her soul and her skin—was a tremendous gift to me.

Yes, sisters, I cried because I feel so blessed to be entrusted with the opportunity to hold her story in all its preciousness. I cried because now I get to learn what it’s like to hold out my hand and carry her spirit. Because now I get to know the responsibility of caring for someone else’s essence with love and gentleness and with the respect and safety it deserves. I feel there is no higher blessing for me, no greater calling. If this alone, the act of carrying with love, is all I do and all I learn, it is enough. 

And, so, what I want to say to her, whose name I will keep close to my heart, is thank you. Thank you not only for your trust in me but, through telling your story, for reminding me what a strong woman sounds like. A strong woman is not without obstacles or valleys; she is a woman who, when faced with challenges, opens up more. Who shares her story fearlessly, and who speaks in the language of love. You are so worthy, dear sister, of the inner ecstasy of finding joy in one’s own company, of feeling safe and strong in your body, and of your own self-care. 

May you be nourished. May you be free. May you blossom.

Photo Credit: Repeal Hyde Art Project

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