Which face oil is right for me?

Still need support deciding which face oil to choose so that your skin thrives? I've written this to guide you. 

Luminous Woman Face Oil

Best for bringing luminosity to:
  • oily or combination skin
  • inflamed, breakout-prone skin

I created the Luminous Woman Face Oil to bring love and healing to oily, combination, or breakout-prone skin. I understand that healing from breakouts is complex and involves other lifestyle influences like food, hormones, and stress. This oil, however, is the first oil I ever created and the one I used to heal my skin, which was covered in deeply inflamed breakouts around my jawline. I believe that, with this oil and other holistic healing techniques like detoxing your body, finding more joy in the face of stress, and discovering practices like yoga or meditation that resonate with you, you can heal your skin. 

The base of the Luminous Woman Face Oil is organic grapeseed oil, which is supremely balancing. While it may seem counterintuitive to put oil on oily skin, grapeseed oil actually helps prevent skin from over-producing oil. In other words, in this case, oil fights oil. 

The Luminous Woman Face Oil is also packed with essential oils designed to stimulate circulation in your skin so it can release toxins, calm skin to ease redness and inflammation, and balance oiliness. This face oil is ideal for oily, combination, or normal to oily skin prone to breakouts.

Please be mindful that the Luminous Woman Face Oil doesn’t magically heal your skin overnight. Instead, it works in harmony with your body to bring healing, balance, and luminosity over time.

Peaceful Woman Face Oil

Best for soothing:
  • sensitive, irritated, or red skin
  • all skin types

The Peaceful Woman Face Oil embodies the energy of peace, healing, and serenity. Rich with one of my favorite plant essences, organic blue chamomile essential oil, the Peaceful Woman Face Oil soothes red, irritated, and sensitive skin just like chamomile tea soothes the body. 

The organic blue chamomile essential oil, which is a main feature of this face oil, is, in fact, blue. In color theory, blue balances red, meaning blue chamomile essential oil is perfect for calming skin that is red or prone to rashes. 

The base of the Peaceful Woman Face Oil is mostly organic jojoba oil with a touch of organic grapeseed oil. Jojoba oil is gentle and balancing, the plant oil that is most similar to human sebum. Grapeseed oil is naturally clarifying and harmonizing, meaning it actually helps prevent your skin from producing excess oil. In other words, once aain, oil fights oil. 

The Peaceful Woman Face Oil is ideal for all skin types, especially skin that is balanced, normal to oily, or combination. It brings peace to red and irritated skin and occasional breakouts. 

Luminous Woman vs. Peaceful Woman

This oil is similar to the Luminous Woman Face Oil in that they both ease redness and irritation and balance oil production, although the Luminous Woman Face Oil targets breakout-prone skin more strongly. In other words, the Peaceful Woman Face Oil is ideal for sensitive skin, redness, rashes, and occasional breakouts, while the Luminous Woman Face Oil focusses on frequently inflamed and broken out skin. 

Nourished Woman Face Oil

Best for nourishing:
  • dry skin seeking deep hydration

The Nourished Woman Face Oil feels, to me, like skin food. It is rich and luscious and nourishing. With organic avocado oil as its base, an oil that is cold-pressed from ripe, organic, creamy avocados, this face oil is thicker than the others, making it supremely hydrating. It is ideal for dry skin, especially in the cold and drying winter months. It is gentle, balancing, and works to even complexion, making it a good fit for women of any age whose skin could use hydration and nourishment.

Wise Woman Face Oil

Best for rejuvenating:
  • divinely mature skin

The Wise Woman Face Oil is my salute to divinely mature skin. I never like to use the words “anti-aging” because I believe that we should honor who we are and where we are in life; with age comes wisdom, and that’s something to celebrate. We don’t need to go backwards.

However, this oil is particularly suited to heal and protect skin as it matures, supporting skin to diminish dark spots (and even complexion), and keep skin plump and moisturized, which prevents the appearance of fine lines. Rich in organic sunflower oil, it also contains healthy fats (like the Nourished Woman Face Oil) to truly nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate skin. 

The Wise Woman Oil is best suited for balanced, combination, or normal to dry skin. 

Trust Your Intuition

What’s most important when choosing a face oil is that you trust your intuition. Each of these oils is packed with nourishing, organic, healing plant essences that work in harmony with your body. In other words, each will work to heal your skin. I’ve written this to help guide you, but trust yourself to decide which face oil draws you in.

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  • amy tobin says...

    Hi Ashley,
    Which face oil is the avocado oil? I love this stuff :)
    Don’t want to order the wrong one.
    Hope all is well in your world!!!!

    April 29, 2017

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