When Self-Care Meets Spiritual Practice

Before I created my skincare line, I did lots of research: I explored each oil, I studied mind-body-spirit integration and holistic nutrition because what we put on our bodies and in our bodies mutually affects us on physical and energetic levels. I researched and experimented, starting with myself, and gradually extended the circle of willing participants to my family and friends. But, now, when I create a new product or a custom oil, I rely mostly on that small voice within me, the intuitive guide that resides in my body and connects me to source. I listen to my body as I smell each aroma and take in the energetic essence of each essential oil and I’m guided by this one question: how does this oil or combination of oils make me feel? 

I believe the best work we do is channeled, inspired. It moves through us and connects us to our original purpose, why we are here. 

When I created this line, I used deeply spiritual language to describe it: I spoke about the essence of the feminine and the goddess. About our skin being the medium through which we experience the world and how that made caring for our skin an intimate and urgent need. About being embodied and valuing the transcendence the body makes possible. Because our spirituality or our consciousness is rooted in our bodies. It does not end there, of course, but it resides there, it finds its footing. We commune with each other and the world through our bodies and when we dance and sing and move, our bodies become an expression of our souls. 

And I am writing this today because I want to return there, to that place of describing skin nourishment as a spiritual practice. As part of a ritual of self-love and celebration. 

Because, to me, my skincare line feels homeless when it’s not rooted in the deeper poetry of heart and soul and body. It feels uprooted, and I cannot serve you—body or spirit—without two feet firmly on the ground. Without feeling grounded in the richness of our ancestors, our earth, and the wisdom of the whole: body, mind, and soul are all integrated. 

As many of you know, I have a pen pal, Britney, who is incarcerated in Texas. As she does most weeks, she sent me a prayer the other day and, on the bottom, included a quote: “Don’t forget in darkness what God told you in the light.” This is my remembrance, a return to what lights me up.

Let’s reclaim the light together, the light of our bodies and beings. Because you are so worthy of this love and nourishment; may you shower it upon yourself with absolute freedom. And may you delight in tending to your body because pleasure is your birthright. 

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