We Stand for Oneness


My products are at the forefront of my work and I want to ensure that they're rooted in wellness and healing. That they nourish your body and support you in living well—healthy, vibrantly. 

But I also believe that when you buy a product, you don't just buy the product; you buy everything that company stands for. So, when you buy ASHLEY ASTI products, I want you to know that you're also buying a commitment to sustainability. 

And you're buying a commitment to compassion and oneness. Giving back is an inextinguishable part of our mission and we have a handful of nonprofit partners who are rooted in serving with gentleness and kindness and peace. This is inseparable from our mission and I cannot imagine offering you a product that doesn't also serve our planet and our two-legged, four-legged, or winged communities.

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