The Way To Your Skin is Through Your Spirit

Lately, my skin has been feeling unruly. I’ve gotten little breakouts along my chin, which hasn’t happened in ages (and usually only happens when I’m feeling emotionally challenged. It’s definitely the “stress spot” for my skin). I recognize that our skin and our bodies simply reflect what’s going on in our lives—physically, mentally, and emotionally—and that we must honor all parts of our journey and how we look in every moment. Still, wanting to put my skincare knowledge to good use, I decided to whip out my bottle of organic lemongrass essential oil, and I applied that for a few nights on the breakouts along with my Ultimate Face Cream, which almost always does the trick.

And it did. Mostly. The little breakouts went away, but my skin still wasn’t feeling as radiant as usual, like it hadn’t fully reclaimed its peace and vitality.

You see, I’ve been dating a bit lately, trying out one man after another, which is unusual for me, to be so forward or to take on several people’s energy at once. It has been a tremendous experience in self-growth and awareness: I feel stronger, aware that I can get through whatever comes my way, and have been basking in the practice of repeatedly showing up in my authenticity. 

Still, it can feel overwhelming at times. And, with each man, though I may be drawn in by his creativity or his intelligence or the way he makes me feel in his presence, there’s one thing I keep bringing up that’s missing: I don’t feel nourished.

And I know that to attract a man who will nourish me, I must first nourish myself. So after a few weeks of dating and my skin still not doing its thing radiantly, I decided to approach the conundrum of my less than lusterless skin differently. This time, instead of thinking what my skin needs, I thought, “What does my soul desire?”

Of all the products I make, the only one I so rarely use is the Nourished Woman Face Oil. With its rich, luscious avocado oil, perfectly suited for dry skin, I worry that it’ll feel too thick for my more hydrated skin. But, this time around, I felt drawn to its energy and its scent and I wanted to use it like a mantra: each time I squeeze some of the oil onto my fingers tips and then massage it into my cheeks and my chin, I think to myself, “I am nourished.” And I repeat this mantra several times to myself as I lovingly grace my skin with the oil. 

And, you know what? A few nights later and my skin looks and feels more radiant. No skin is ever perfect, but I feel more nourished in body and spirit, and I know this nourishment is coming from me.

Of course, this is only the beginning: nourishing yourself extends far beyond your skin. But I wanted to share this experience with you because it’s a reminder that how we treat our skin is intimately linked to how we care for and feel in our spirits. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are innately and wondrously connected, and all we have to do is listen and trust in them to lead the way. 

So, the next time your skin is not radiating the way you’d like it to, think not, “What can I do to make myself look better?” but rather, “What is my heart calling for?” And then do your best to offer what your heart most desires to yourself. 

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