The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

I’ve given talks about the ugly side of the beauty industry and what’s so appalling to me about it is that unassailable research is now stating that we have a cosmetics market where more than 1 in 5 products contain chemicals linked to cancer. That means over 20% of the products on our store shelves right now are deeply and outrageously toxic, fueling our cancer epidemic. 

This, undoubtedly, is not ok. 

And it matters for so many reasons. Collectively, we are suffering at such high rates of disease—illness and stress and depression and pain have become so common that we have forgotten how unnatural it is. We have forgotten that to be unwell is not normal.

We have forgotten that this is not our birthright. Our birthright is to live well. Our birthright is not only to live long lives, but quality lives. 

If we are not well, we cannot possibly live our purpose. We deserve to be magnetic. To be so vital and vibrant that we attract everything we are put on this earth to be. 

We deserve to live fully.

We can’t do that if we continue to damage our planet, the planet that nourishes and houses us, and our bodies. We deserve so much more than that.

Choosing organic, plant-based skincare products is not a luxury. It is the only choice that leads to our longevity and fullness. The alternative is a planet too uninhabitable and bodies too unhealthy to discover purpose, freedom, and connection and to unleash our beauty, inside and out. 

Our self-care products have a life cycle beyond us that affects our planet, our companion creatures, and our neighbors—our products don’t begin and end on our skin. We must be mindful of how we’re creating the ingredients that eventually become our skin creams and our deodorants: did they come from a field sprayed with pesticides? When we choose conventional products, that’s what we’re demanding: an earth covered in chemicals.

And where will they end up after we wash them down the drain? Have we considered the effect on our water supply or our planet? Have we considered what will happen to the plastic packaging our creams, toothpaste, and face washes come in once we throw them away? 

Plastic remains on our earth forever, never fully breaking down. In fact, by 2050, it’s estimated that we’ll have more plastic in our oceans than fish.


I love creating this skincare line because, for me, it is a lesson in connection: we must realize that beauty is not merely about having breakout-free skin, but about uncovering its layers. 

Beauty is honoring the earth.

Beauty is honoring our bodies.

Beauty is honoring our souls, knowing we were designed perfectly, exactly as we were meant to be. 

Beauty is knowing that my actions affect yours and acting accordingly and responsibly. We are co-creators.

And beauty is expressing our gifts fully. 

I don’t want to see just your skin radiate: I want to see all of you shine.

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