The Healing Powers of Lavender



I use lavender widely in my products, as an essential oil and in the form of a flower. And when I think about its healing powers, I think about its color, its name, the way it affects skin, body, spirit, and mind. 

Here’s a selection of my favorites of lavender’s healing powers:

I call lavender the “universal healer” because it has the power to support all skin, soothing redness and irritation, balancing oily skin, toning porous skin, rejuvenating dry and divinely mature skin. In ancient lore and practice, purple is the color of royalty—rare and expensive. What I love about lavender is it hints at its royalty with its potent ability to heal, but its lighter hue adds softness, equalizing it. Rather than belonging to a select few, lavender finds its power from reaching us all.

Lavender is connected to our third eye chakra and crown chakra, the 7th chakra or “energy center,” at the tips of our heads. It’s the place that opens us to the universe, allowing the heavens to come in and speak. It guides us to trust our intuition, to heed the messages. The 7th chakra is assumed to have the highest vibration and lavender embodies that: lifting our vibration for the easiest path to healing. 

In many cultures, a name is supposed to speak to a person’s character, who they will become, which is why naming a child is often a sacred act. It’s believed Lavender comes from the Latin “to wash” (lavender is an essence of cleansing, of purifying body and spirit), but it may also come from “livere,” which means blueish. Blue is the color of expansive oceans, of peace, of speaking our truth: the color of the throat chakra. Lavender allows us to expand, with ease, into our voice. To naturally glide into our authenticity, expressing ourselves gracefully. With lavender, we express the truth of our hearts, of our highest selves. 

Lavender is a flower of devotion.





Once again, a flower of universal healing powers, it eases us into sleep while also focusing our minds—offering alertness—when we’re awake. It can do both because its power is in the way it relaxes us: because its name means “to wash,” it supports us in washing away the debris, physical and spiritual, of what we no longer need. This brings peace and this brings clarity: we are not bogged down by the “stuff” any more and, instead, discover freedom within ourselves. Free space. There is less worry, more openness. More ease. 

You can use organic lavender essential oil, undiluted, on breakouts. Apply a drop overnight. Its calming essence will soothe the redness and anger of breakouts and blackheads, healing it. 

You can spritz lavender mist on your face to tone skin, soothe irritation, balance oiliness, refresh divinely mature skin. It also uplifts your mood, offers peace and ease, a sense of refreshment—cleansing and purification, of renewal, of clarity. You may also spritz lavender mist before bed to cleanse yourself of the day and ease into a restful sleep. 

I offer body oils with organic lavender and chamomile which also soothe, offer peace, serenity, silence, and grace. Which encourage you to feel at home in you. 

Or face oils with lavender to heal and brighten skin and spirits. 

You may also bring organic lavender oil up to your nose to waft in its essence or apply a drop to your temples or third eye, infusing yourself with its energy. 

All ASHLEY ASTI products containing organic lavender are listed below:

Chamomile Baby Oil

Gentle Man Face Oil

Hands & Feet Cream

Healthy Mouth Oil

I Am Blossoming

I Am Gemini

I Am Libra

I Am Love Lip Scrub

I Am Pleasure

I Am Rooted

I Am Virgo

Lavender and Chamomile Body Oil

Lavender Face Mist

Lavender & Lemon Cleansing Cream

Luminous Woman Face Oil

Men’s Deodorant

Men's Deodorant Sensitive

Men’s Ultimate Aftershave

I Sleep Well Roll-On

Nourished Woman Face Oil

Peaceful Woman Face Oil

Protector Face Oil

Seer Eye Oil

Spiritual Warrior Face Oil

Warrioress Breast Oil

Wise Woman Face Oil

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